An Ode to Lockdown and Pol Roger

By Nicki Bourlioufas

During an extended lockdown in Sydney over winter and spring, I drafted this poem. I started the lockdown by popping the cork on a bottle of 2012 Pol Roger, to celebrate my birthday, and a fine wine it was. Note that when you pronounce these French words, they all end with the ‘ay’ sound, even Pol Roger and Taittinger.

Today, it’s Friday,
Away with another day!
Let’s not delay,
With work underway.

Do not visit a café,
They are passé,
Like, buffets,
To keep COVID at bay.

We must obey,
All COVID communiqués.
We cannot stray,
With COVID underway!

Tonight, after the day,
We’ll eat a filet, soufflé, and then a sorbet,
Then, we must lay,

For tomorrow, it’s Saturday
And time to learn français!
Allez Allez!

After that, it’s time to play!!
Croquet, hooray!!
Or dream of receiving a bouquet,
For display, like a Monet,
Or of visiting Calais,
Or the old port in Marseille,
While wearing a red béret
And drinking rosé.

Let’s dream too of the ballet,
Or attending a cabaret,
While drinking Pol Roger,
Or Taittinger,
With its taut Chardonnay.

But today,
I’ll stick to Monterey,
By Botany Bay,
And obey,
All COVID communiqués.
We will find a way,
To slay COVID, the malady
So, let’s not dismay,
Or go astray and betray
The communiqués.
Allez Allez!


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