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This column was originally published on the Bordeaux Chauvinist’s websiteCquoi ce vin, or What is this wine

He advises on good value for money wines of all appellations, regions and countries (but he remains a Bordeaux Chauvinist). He remains anonymous, so he can review wines independently. Here, he tries a very inexpensive Bordeaux white from French supermarket chain Auchan – and loves it!

I have an annoying habit of underestimating the dry white wines of Bordeaux, or even criticizing them openly, without any restraint. “Bordeaux dry white wine bashing” is common given the lack of care given to the dry white wines of my region.

Indeed, they are generally on “thiols” (note of boxwood or cat pee), lacking in fat in the middle of the mouth, short, sometimes over-wooded to hide any defects or to try to resemble white Pessac-Léognan; in short, boring.

But that was buying this wine at the Auchan Bouliac wine fair for €6.95.

“Les Frangines” of Château Thieuley 2020 AOC Bordeaux white.

Planted on a clayey-gravel soil, this wine is blended with half semillon (the fat on the palate and the candied fruit), a third of sauvignon blanc (the lemony note) and the rest with sauvignon gris (the floral). Far from being an aperitif wine, it is a gastronomic wine, which I paired with grilled vanilla scallops. The color is straw yellow with green and silver reflections, which indicate youth and freshness. The candied quince and the lemon note are immediately highlighted on the first nose, the mid-palate is smooth and fresh, followed by a delicate floral touch, ending on a spicy note. The finish is elegant and balanced.

I also suggest you try it with white meat, such as grilled veal tenderloin, sautéed rabbit with onions or a cod back with green anise for a fish … and of course Reblochon, Chaource, Pont cheese.

Château Thieuley is a property located in La Sauve, near Créon in the Entre deux mers, now run by Marie and Sylvie Courselle who succeed father Mr Francis Courselle.

This wine-growing region is known for producing dry white wines lacking in precision and little interest … obviously, the sisters decided to upset my ego and question my qualities as a taster😁.

That said, Château Thieuley has long been the driving force behind this AOC, but other worthy chateaux (currently being tasted!) will be presented to you later.

I must admit that I have rarely encountered this quality of dry white wine in AOC Bordeaux at this price!!! Ladies, Bravo! and mea-culpa.😉 

If you do not have the privilege of living in Bordeaux, check the wine store in your region anyway for its availability.

Editor’s note: Before passing over the family business to his daughters, Francis Courselle instilled in them his passion for vineyards and wine.Marie and Sylvie Courselle both graduated as Agricultural Engineers and Œnologue. They have worked at various wineries around the world : Australia, California, Italy, Spain and throughout France in Languedoc, Burgundy and Chateauneuf du Pape. At Château Thieuley, Marie is in charge of the technical  aspect of the wine making whereas Sylvie runs the commercial side. Together, this charming duo is dedicated to continuing the tradition of quality at Château Thieuley.


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