Mixed picture for wine sales in 2021

Wine has become a more central part of many consumers’ lives over the past 12 months. For some, it is a habit restored; for others, it is a legacy of lockdown. But research house Wine Intelligence warns that while glasses will continue to be filled in 2021, governments may boost taxes to help cover the costs of COVID-19.

What is a great wine?

For most people, novice and professionals, the perceived quality of a wine is linked to its price. Many of us we prefer to remain silent on our real opinions for fear of appearing ridiculous before “connoisseurs”. This reaction, while normal, is in no way justified, writes the Bordeaux Chauvinist, a sommelier by training.

Italy’s Verdicchio worth a try

While Verdicchio is the most widely grown white grape in Le Marche, it is little known outside Italy, unless you happen to recall seeing a fish-shaped bottle in a liquor store, on the way out. Like the region itself, it’s underrated. Primo Estate has brought a great example to Australia. And if you can get to Le Marche itself, it’s less busy than the adjacent Umbrian and Tuscan regions, with greater natural beauty.

French grape dominance grows

New research reveals that the dominance of French wine grapes varieties has grown dramatically across the globe while Italian and Spanish varietals have become less popular. The extent of varietal diversity both nationally and globally has shrunk, despite the hype about ‘alternative’ varieties.


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